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Private Label Condom

If I want to have own logo condom, what's the MOQ?

Our MOQ for custom condom order is only 10K pieces.

What's your condom quality certificates?

Our  condom produced by GB7544 and ISO4074 standards, we get ISO9001/ISO13485/CE certificates.

If your company interest to join condom tender?

Yes, we interest, we already got Nigeria 20 500 000 units bulk condom tender with custom logo.

Spike Condom

If your company can produce my new shape spiked condom?

Yes, we can. Please send us your new spikes draft picture at first, so we can check if the new shape mold workable. Mostly new spike condom ideas are easy to come true.

If you can pack it in blister package?

Yes, we can. we have 2 types blister package, please inquiry us which type you need, or please send us your types blister package.